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Acro Yoga Festival 2023

Welcome to the 8th Acro Yoga Festival. June 29-July 2, 2023

You only pay 800 SEK (approx 70 euro) as a booking fee and the rest of the money upon arrival. The booking fee will not be payed back in case you cancel the event but it can be handed over to another person. (Let us know the name of that person beforehand in that case). 

Arrival and ending times
Register in the reception upon your arrival june 29 at 3-6 pm before putting up your tent etc. Unfortunately you can't arrive before 3 pm as we need to prepare the festival. The festival ends at sunday, july 2 at 4 pm when the retreat begins (see below)

Food and allergies
We serve organic and vegetarian food and offer milk- and glutenfree options for those who wish or have alleriges. Mention if you have allergies in the bookingform. However, we can't serve food that suits all different diets.

You can either stay in your own tent, caravan, RV or indoor accomodation (room or sleeping loft) at the center. If you book indoor accomodation you can bring your own sheets/towels or rent for SEK 150/set at check in. Participants clean their rooms after the festival or buy this service for SEK 300 per room. You can book an alcove to a singleroom or a room for 2,3 or 4 people. 

Join the retreat after the festival July 2-4
You can book two extra days after the festival and join the beautiful "Acro yoga retreat" with music, sauna and hang out on july 2-4. If you don't want to join you unfortunately need to leave the site at, july 2 before 6 pm.

Travelling to Mundekulla
The most common way to travel to Mundekulla is by train to Emmaboda which arrives from all over Sweden/Copenhagen every two hours. Book a local taxi for the last 10 km for around 300 SEK/car at least one week in advance via Bens Taxi (+46(0)471-101 00). Flights arrive to Kalmar, Ronneby and Vxj with several departures every day. From Kastrup/Copenhagen there are direct trains (3 h) to Emmaboda as well as Gothenbourg (3,5 h) and Stockholm (4 h) 

We love animals, but for the sake of any allergy sufferers, you can't bring your pets to Mundekulla. However, there is a dog hotel 7 km from Mundekulla (see our website).

Mundekulla has wifi available for guests 


Name: Acro Yoga Festival 2023   Location: Mundekulla Retreat Center
Start: 2023-06-29   End: 2023-07-02

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