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Brit Rock

Now it's FINALLY time for another edition of the BRIT ROCK FILM TOUR 2022!

November 25, 17:00 @Origo SAVE THE DATE!:

BRIT ROCK offers 35 minutes of intro to rope climbing for elite climber Anna Hazelnutt (US), mentored by Tom Randall (one half of Wide Boys), 30 minutes of expedition climbing in Greenland via 450km of kayaking, and almost 1 hour of freezing winter climbing in Scotland. .

Take the opportunity to marvel at this year's feats of the British climbing elite (+Anna Hazelnutt) and mingle with other Umeå climbers! Food and drinks will be available, so you can relax with nice climbing films after a long study or work week.

Members of IKSU klättring: SEK 75
Non-members: SEK 125

A slightly more detailed schedule for the evening:

At 17:00 the doors to Origo will be open for all of you with tickets. Take the opportunity to mingle a bit with other Umeå climbers before the films start.

At 17:45 the first film block begins and we get to see "Queen Lines" with Anna Hazelnutt and Tom Randall, and we also get to see the Greenland expedition via kayak in "Sea to Summit".

At 18:45 we break for about 1 hour for food, drinks and mingling.

At 19:45 the last film begins where we get to put on the down jackets and experience Scottish winter climbing in "Ephemeral".

20:45 there will be the final mingle at Origo until about 21:30 for everyone who is interested in talking through the films over a drink of their choice.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there! !

/IKSU klättring

Name: Brit Rock   Location: Kårhuset Origo
Start: 2022-11-25 17:00   End: 2022-11-25 21:00

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