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The last 6 months have been a strange and demanding time and many races have been cancelled or postponed.

We sincerely hope that Tjörnarparen Trail Ultra can be completed on the race days of the 13-14/2 2021. Of course this is totally dependent on the development of the pandemic. We know that a great many runners have paid for races that have been necessary to cancel or postpone due to the situation, safety and rules. This is something we want to avoid and we have decided on the following system.

You complete the registration but do not pay anything up-front. When we get confirmation from the authorities that the race can be completed (maybe as late as in the beginning of 2021) we send you a mail with enclosed invoice, asking for your payment. This means that if we have to cancel the race, you do not pay or lose any money.

On the other hand, the registration you make is binding and we trust you to honor that and pay even if you change your mind. The race normally gets fully booked, so we most likely have turned down other runners.

The purpose of this arrangement is to avoid that you to pay for nothing, now that we know the uncertain situation.

The only reservation is if we first get an ok from the authorities and then, after the payments have been made, they withdraw the approval due to a force majeure-like situation like a rapid climb in Corona rate, which we do not believe is very likely at that time.

If the number of runners becomes limited by the authorities and we decide to complete the race it will be a first come, first served situation, based on the date of registration.

We hope you like our thinking and that we all get a fantastic weekend on the trails of "Mellanskåne" on the 13-14/2 of 2021.
Name: TJÖRNARPAREN - TRAIL ULTRA 2021   Location: Tjörnarp
Organizer: TMF - Tjörnarps Motionsförening   Slots left: 47
Deadline for registration: 2022-01-10   Fee: 490 SEK (including VAT 27,74 SEK)
Start: 2022-02-12 09:00   End: 2022-02-13 17:00