Using Applied Behavior Analysis

Using Applied Behavior Analysis to become more effective and efficient trainer!!! Bob Bailey, Parvene Farhoody, Jens Karlsson & Tobias Gustavsson

The best way to capture clients is through fast, effective results that your clients can easily reproduce on their own. When time and attention is short, being fast, effective and humane can be tough. Empower yourself and your clients by learning how to combine your mental abilities...AND your mechanical skills.

Let Bob Bailey share with you his unparalleled experience with applying the science of behavior and learn how to become better at shaping behavior than you thought possible.

Let Parvene Farhoody share with you the many “shortcuts” she has
developed through her extensive experience training dogs and owners.
Learn how to get the most amount of behavior in the shortest amount of
time. Maximize the results you get in any training session by
understanding how to use behavior analysis. You will improve your own
training and learn strategies to help your clients make the most of their training time in-between sessions.

Let Jens Karlsson and Tobias Gustavsson share with you the results of their studies of:
1. The use and training of dogs in large carnivore management and research.
2. Research on working dogs in Sweden.

Saturday March 26, 2011
08.00 Registration
09.00 Bob Bailey
10.15 Break
10.45 Bob Bailey
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Jens Karlsson/Tobias Gustavsson
14.00 Break
14.30 Parvene Farhoody
15.30 Break
16.00 Parvene Farhoody
17.00 Question
17.30 End of Day

Sunday March 27, 2011
09.00 Parvene Farhoody
10.15 Break
10.45 Parvene Farhoody
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Jens Karlsson/Tobias Gustavsson
14.00 Break
14.30 Bob Bailey
15.30 Break
16.00 Bob Bailey
17.00 Questions
17.30 End of Seminar

Seminar prices:
Early bird price:Before November 30,2010. 1900SEK/person ($ 269, € 205 at current exchange rate). Discount Code: NOVEMBER

Ordinary price: Before March 10, 2011. 2500SEK/person ($ 353, € 270 at current exchange rate).

At the door price: March 26, 2011 (if any seats left) 3000SEK/person ($ 423, €325 at current exchange rate).

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Looking forward to meet you at the seminar!
Marie Fogelquist

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Name: Using Applied Behavior Analysis   Location: Elite Hotel MarinaTower-Saltsjöqvarn Kaj,Stockholm
Organizer: House of Learning      
  Fee: 2500 SEK (including VAT 500 SEK)
Start: 2011-03-26 08:00   End: 2011-03-27 17:30

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