2018 ÍTILLÍ Swimrun Ut÷, Women

Dear Racers,

You are now about to register for 2018 ÍTILLÍ SWIMRUN UTÍ. 

Please be sure that you have read and understood the rules. ÍTILLÍ Swimrun Rules You need to pay the entry fee with a credit card within 2 hours of your application. NO refund will be made. Your application is final. By entering the race you accept these conditions. 

If you want to insure your entry fee we offer you the ÍTILLÍ Swimrun Insurance. ÍTILLÍ Swimrun Insurance 

The Course;

The total distance of Ut÷ Swimrun is approximately 42 kilometers. The total swimming distance is approximately 5,2 kilometers. There are 19 swims and the longest swim is about 600 meters. The course is clearly marked and the terrain is very varied. Some trails, some gravel roads, some off-road, some beautiful forest and some magical coastal cliff runs. 

In the entry fee of 3995 SEK (Incl. VAT 226,13 SEK) the  following is included:

Chartered ferry (only) from ┼rsta Havsbad to Ut÷ 

The race ÍTILLÍ Swimrun UTÍ

Post race meal 

Chartered Ferry (only) back from Ut÷ to ┼rsta Havsbad at 17:30 

Kind regards, Mats & Michael 


Name: 2018 ÍTILLÍ Swimrun Ut÷, Women   Location: Ut÷, Sweden
      Slots left: 25
Deadline for registration: 2018-05-14   Fee: 3995 SEK (including VAT 226,13 SEK)
Day: 2018-05-20      

Registration system from:
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