A NJF conference in collaboration with 7th FP “EUROLEGUME 2014-2017”. November 28-30, 2017, Tartu, Estonia

NON-NJF member: 350 EURO

NJF-member: 300 EURO

Participant in the EUROLEGUME-project (person identified as participant by the coordinator): 300 EURO

Student on MSc- or PhD-level: 200 EURO. Letter validating studies must be presented upon request.

Name: 499 Legumes from field to fork – a Nordic-Baltic perspective on production, development and marketing of legumes   Location: Tartu
Deadline for registration: 2017-10-30   Fee: 300 EUR (including VAT 0 EUR)
Start: 2017-11-28   End: 2017-11-30

Registration system from:
Din Kurs Sverige AB