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ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Insurance 2017

ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Insurance The ÖTILLÖ Swimrun insurance is a “Swimrun-Athletes-Insurance Program” with a recognized international Insurance Company. It is available for all races listed below. It is possible to buy this cover for single events only or for the entire Swimrun season; the season cover protects you for all the Swimrun events outlined below. Individual events 12,60€ - 19,95€ , Entire season 37,80€. The ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Insurance offers a combined cover of a Personal Accident Insurance, subsidiary Private Liability Insurance and Travel Cancellation Costs & Curtailment Insurance. The Insurance Coverage includes all direct travel to and from the moment the Insured Person(s) starts his/her journey from his/her home address until the day the Insured Person(s) returns to his/her home from the insured event venue. It will also reimburse for Swimrun events participants fees as well as related travel costs booked through a travel company (incl. Airlines and Railway Companies) up to the maximum limit named in the Confirmation of Cover if you have to cancel your trip to the insured race you have signed up for unforeseen insured events. Insured events are for example death, serious accident, unexpected serious illness or pregnancy complications. Please note that this insurance does not cover any transportation risks (e.g. cancellation, delay, failure). This insurance covers only your own interests and does not include your team mate. However, in case your team mate has to cancel the planned Swimrun event due to e.g. serious accident/injury and/or unexpected serious illness, there is cover given for your own interest if you have no chance to take part in the insured event. Please note that this is a short summary of coverage only and not legally binding. The Policy Documents and underlying Insurance Conditions are the only legally binding documents. Details of the policy with scope of cover and exclusions are found here Details of the policy with scope of cover and exclusions are found here  Link to policy

ÖTILLÖ Hvar ÖTILLÖ Hvar Sprint ÖTILLÖ Utö ÖTILLÖ Utö Sprint ÖTILLÖ Isles of Scilly ÖTILLÖ Isles of Scilly Sprint ÖTILLÖ Engadin ÖTILLÖ Engadin Sprint ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Championship ÖTILLÖ Final 15K ÖTILLÖ 1000 Lakes ÖTILLÖ 1000 Lakes Sprint

ÖTILLÖ Merit races also included in the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Insurance; 
2017 Costa Brava Swimrun (ESP) – Marathon 2017 Costa Brava Swimrun (ESP) – Sprint 2017 Costa Brava Swimrun (ESP) – Short 2017 Stockholm Swimrun (SWE) – Full Distance 2017 Stockholm Swimrun (SWE) – Sprint 2017 Stockholm Swimrun (SWE) – Generation 2017 Borås Swimrun (SWE) – Full Distance 2017 Borås Swimrun (SWE) – Sprint 2017 Höga Kusten Swimrun (SWE) – Original 2017 Höga Kusten Swimrun (SWE) – Light 2017 Rockman (NOR) 2017 Bologna (ITA) – Half Distance 2017 Bologna (ITA) – Short Distance 2017 Casco Bay Swimrun (USA) - Long 2017 Casco Bay Swimrun (USA) - Short 2017 Ångaloppet Swimrun (SWE) – Full Distance 2017 Ångaloppet Swimrun (SWE) – Sprint 2017 Ångaloppet Swimrun (SWE) – Family Event 2017 Solvalla Swimrun (FIN) – Sprint 2017 Solvalla Swimrun (FIN) – Endurance 2017 Solvalla Swimrun (FIN) – ÖTILLÖ Merit Race 2017 Loch gu Loch Swimrun (GBR) - Classic 2017 Loch gu Loch Swimrun (GBR) - Sprint 2017 Breca Buttermere (GBR) 2017 Buttermere Sprint (GBR) 2017 Troll Enez (FRA) 2017 Cote Vermeille (FRA) - La Moyenne 2017 Cote Vermeille (FRA) - La longue 2017 Cote Vermeille (FRA) - l’ ultra 2017 Amphibious Challenge Swimrun (CAN) – Sprint 2017 Amphibious Challenge Swimrun (CAN) – Long Course 2017 SwimRun NC (USA) - SWIMRUN Poland (POL)

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