DVD-Training Animal Trainers Operant Conditioning med Bob Bailey

Simple, but not easy- the Bailey philosophy on animal training. For more than half a century Bob has been applying that philosophy to his training animals and his teaching animal trainers. As a field biologist, Bob observed that animals in the wild solved complex problems in their day to day lives. Bob learned to use simple applied behavior analysis, or operant conditioning, principles to analyze complex animal activities and, using these same principles, he learned how to earn his living training animals. He also taught others how to use these principles to train animals. This DVD focuses on teaching simple operant conditioning principles and procedures to those who want to train animals - animal trainers. Most of the DVD is devoted to students learning how to train the common chicken. In Bob's experience, the chicken is the best teaching model for animal trainers. However, there are examples of how the same principles and similar procedures used with chickens may be used with other animals: dogs, bears, horses and even monkeys. This DVD focuses on the behavior of the trainer. In the Bailey view of animal training, it is the trainer's precise application of simple principles, and the skill to observe the animal's behavior, and the willingness to rapidly change his or her behavior as needed, that effectively and efficiently produces the best trained behavior.

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